Xiang (Crystal) Yang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor; Meat Scientist, Department of Animal Science
Dr. Yang’s research interests include the evaluation and validation of new antimicrobial chemicals and interventions against foodborne pathogens, as well as the investigations of the influence meat safety strategies, have on the quality and shelf-life of meat products. In addition to applied investigations of meat safety, I also plan to continue my research characterizing the degree of antimicrobial resistance, pathogen and whole microbial community profiles present in different meat and poultry production chains in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of how pathogens and bacteria interact with different food matrices using novel technologies, such as next-generation sequencing. Overall, the goal of our research is to continue to assist in industry efforts  to deliver highly safe, affordable meat that is high in quality and nutritional value to national and global consumers.

Our Talented Graduate Students   

Bakytzhan Bolkenov, Ph.D. Candidate 

Bakytzhan BolkenovEducation 

  • Ph.D., Animal Biology, UC Davis – In progress
  • M.S., Food Science, Pavlodar State University, Kazakhstan
  • B.S., Food Engineering, Shakarim State University, Kazakhstan

Email: bbakytzhan@ucdavis.edu


Research Interest:

My research interest is antimicrobial resistance in meat and poultry. Currently I am working on NARMS (National Antimicrobial Resistance Monitoring System) program. Also, I am interested in meat quality and shelf life.

Toni Duarte, Ph.D. Student

Toni DuarteEducation:

  • Ph.D., Animal Biology, UC Davis – In progress
  • M.S., Animal Biology, UC Davis – 2020
  • B.S., Animal Science, California State University, Chico – 2018

email: tlduarte@ucdavis.edu



Research Interest:

My research interest in in pre and post harvest factors and their impacts on meat quality and shelf life. My previous research has evaluated the impact of various processing methods and feeding strategies on the quality and shelf life of poultry and beef.  My current research is evaluating the impact of different slaughtering and processing methods on the quality and shelf life of fish. I am also interested in researching the impact of feeding hemp by-products on the quality, shelf life, and safety of beef.

Sudipta Talukder, Ph.D. Student

Sudipta TalukderEducation:

  • Ph.D., Animal Biology, UC Davis – In progress
  • M.S., Medicine, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • D.V.M., Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh

Email: stalukder@ucdavis.edu


Research Interest:

I am interested in doing research on controlling the transmission of antimicrobial-resistant foodborne pathogens. My current research focus is mitigating the occupational exposure of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in livestock farms.

Yuyuan Feng, M.S. Student

Yuyuan FengEducation:

  • M.S., Animal Biology, UC Davis – In progress
  • B.S., Animal Science, UC Davis


email: yuyfeng@ucdavis.edu



Research Interest:

I am interested in improving meat safety by identifying antimicrobial resistome in livestock. My current research is about the characterization of the fecal resistome of beef cattle from different feeding systems.

Brady Hirshfeld, M.S. Student

Brady HirshfeldEducation:

  • M.S., Animal Biology, UC Davis – In progress
  • B.S., Zoology, Neurobiology, and Environmental Studies, University of Wisconsin

email: hirshfeld@ucdavis.edu



Research Interest:

I’m broadly interested in facilitating the safe and sustainable expansion of aquaculture for human consumption. My research currently centers on antimicrobial resistance and animal welfare in seafood production.


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