June 2023

We attended the AMSA 76th Reciprocal Meats Conference in Saint Paul, MN .

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April 2023

Another fantastic Picnic Day in the books! Read more about our exhibit “Meat me at Davis”

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February 2023

Toni Duarte and Yuyuan Feng attended the California Association of Meat Processors conference in San Luis Obispo, CA.

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June 2022

We attended the AMSA 75th Reciprocal Meats Conference in Des Moines, Iowa .

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April 23, 2022

The Picnic Day is back this year! Read more about our exhibit “Meat me at Davis”.

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December 23, 2021

A sample collection tour to the Superior Lamb Plant in Dixon, CA.

June 23 – 26, 2019

We attended the AMSA 72th Reciprocal Meat Conference in Fort Collins, CO. Read more https://yang.faculty.ucdavis.edu/2019/09/13/amsa-72th-reciprocal-meat-conference/


May 22, 2019

Toni Duarte presented a poster titled “Comparison of Water Chilling and Air Chilling on Poultry Shelf Life” at the Showcase of annual 2019 Innovator Summit hosted by Innovation Institute for Food and Health.


April 13, 2019

Come to Meat Me in Davis at the Picnic Day in 2019. Read more https://yang.faculty.ucdavis.edu/2019/04/19/picnic-day-2019-meat-me-in-davis/


Oct 22, 2018.

Michelle presented a poster of “Comparison of nutrient composition, quality, and sensory differences among dorper, domestic commercial crossbred and Australian commercial croassbred lamb meat” at the Animal Biology Graduate Group Colloquium.